I got sucked in. Again to figure skating. I really try not to watch figure skating but something about this level of competition, the pressure, emotions, it gets to the athlete in me and I'm hooked. 

Did anyone else get annoyed when they introduced the Hungarian Grandmother at 28 who was in her 4th and final Olympics (because everyone knows you can't be a professional athlete after 28- Brett Farve are you listening?)? Reality check- nex to these  16 year old fetus she does look a dash ridiculous in a hot pink outfit (maybe it classy and elegant- not white trash) but holy crap can she jump! Katarina Witt was almost 30 when she retired as a hot Olympic gold medalist- that Russian Man figure skating Villian look alike Silver Medalist looks like he's 47, so the media should shut up about veteran women skaters.

I hate myself for defending figure skating but Age-ism is starting to strike a nerve now that I'm in my late 20's.

The other thing that was impressive last night was the Canadian skater. I wasn't listening to the announcers before hand and didn't know that her mother just died 2 days earlier. When she finished and was crying I thought the emotions were due to her being in her hometown. Then when Scott Hamilton starts crying after her performance on the air,  they show the audience crying-I figured it out that her Mom died. What an athlete. To skate like that after the worst news you could ever receive, your Mother suddenly dying. Damn it that is why the Olympics are so great. 

I hope she medals. 

It's Winter Olympics! Time for the best athletes in the World to compete. Time for all that hard work to pay off. Time for tears of joy, tears of heartbreak, tears for--- Wait is he wearing a pink corsetted leather top with a tassel from the Gone with the Wind reject collection? Yes he is!

I don't seek out to like men's figure skating. I just turned on NBC to watch the Olympics because American Idol was over and all other TV sucks. It was like a horrible car crash I couldn't look away from the skating.

Yes they move like women sometimes, Yes they have extremely gay costumes, yes the eastern european men still look like they are from 1981 but damn it they are freaking great at what they do. The spins, jumps, drama it's all so wonderful. I saw an italian farmer, a skeleton cobra cai dude, a raven, a "Hydrate" gothic go go dancer, a normal dude with glittery top, a straight guy and a sailor. When a Japanese guy skates to Jimi Hendrix and he was one of the straight looking guys, not that it matters but Hendrix? I loved it.

I feel like the guys are way more interesting than the girls!

Can't wait for the final round Thursday!
Best Picture Nominee 'UP'
Let me start off by saying this was an underwhelming year for movies. It's say this is the year they decided to give 10 yes TEN big picture nominations away. They should have upped it 6, then upped all the acting and writing categories. At least maybe then a comedian or comedy film could sneak in (The Hangover, hello)!  So, the biggest grossing movie of all time got nominated- it should for the amount of money they spent making it. *I still haven't seen it. Also that doesn't mean it is the best movie just because it made 2 billion dollars.

Things I'm pleased about:

*Jeremy Renner's BEST ACTOR NOM-(tobey maguire got the golden globe nom, jeremy deserves this and makes me happy though Jeff Bridges will win).

*Ryan Bingham's BEST SONG The Weary Kind nomination

I feel like this is also a very weak year for female performances. They are just eh, minus a few women (the gals from precious, & I guess sandy bullock-i need to see this movie).

Anne Hathaway's pronunciation of the nominations was annoying. Or maybe I'm jealous she has an Oscar Nomination under her belt, very white teeth and uses nice hair products.  

Lauren Van Kurin